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Kalamazoo Employment Knowing Your Options

Whether you are a long-time resident of the city, or have recently moved to Kalamazoo, employment is essential. Where do you turn to find the latest Kalamazoo job listings? What types of jobs are available in the city? Actually, the city has a wide range of different employment options for qualified individuals. You will find Kalamazoo employment options in areas as wide ranging as city jobs, county jobs and more.

City Government Jobs – You will find that some of the widest ranging job types are available through the Kalamazoo city/county government. Here, you can find work in any number of different professionals. For example, the Kalamazoo School System has a constant need for qualified teachers, though you will also find positions available for school support staff, as well as administrative staff.

Other government jobs run the gamut from the Parks and Recreation Department to the Department of Transportation. This ensures that you can find the best Kalamazoo county and city jobs possible.

Commercial/Industrial Jobs – Kalamazoo is also home to a number of commercial and industrial businesses. You can find retail jobs in wide availability, as well as jobs within corporate giants like PharmOptima, Ceetox, Metabolic Solutions Development, Bridge Organics, and Kalexsyn, to name just a few of the life science companies that call the city home.

Education – You will find an incredible range of employment options within the education industry, outside of the traditional public school system. Western Michigan University has four separate campuses in Kalamazoo, and each has a need for a variety of different workers, ranging from groundskeepers to professors to office and administrative staff. Therefore, you will find a number of Kalamazoo job listings with the area’s higher education centers.

Of course, the city has numerous other industries that need workers on a regular basis. The Kalamazoo housing/construction industry has traditionally been very strong, and there are almost always jobs available here. In addition, you will discover that the area is home to numerous breweries that need skilled workers, as well as flavoring companies such as A.M. Todd and Kalsec. Finally, the Gibson Guitar Company in Kalamazoo can also be a source for employment.

Each of these areas and industries can provide residents with the means to find vital employment options. No matter what your skill level, preferred trade or area of expertise, there is work for you within the city of Kalamazoo.


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