Kalamazoo Annual Events

Fun year-round in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
The Many Annual Charity Events at the Arcadia Creek Festival Site

The city of Kalamazoo has a long history of both annual events and charity events. With the development of the Arcadia Creek Festival Site, all of these events can take place downtown, in the vibrant heart of this thriving city. Arcadia Creek is the soul of the Arcadia District, one of the oldest, most historic districts in Kalamazoo. It is also home to numerous Kalamazoo annual events, including Kalamazoo charities and more. What might you experience here in the heart of the city?

One of the largest events held here each year is the annual RibFest, which draws an amazing number of people to participate, gawk and feast. Almost 38,000 people descend on the city each year for this event. However, the Arcadia Creek Festival Site is also home to many other events – more than 20 throughout the year – ranging from Walks for the Cure in Kalamazoo to corporate picnics. In fact, the location is a public space and is open every day for residents of the area to enjoy themselves.

Many other Kalamazoo charities make use of this space, from small bake sales to larger events put on by major businesses in the area. For instance, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure begins downtown at the Arcadia Creek Festival Site, as well. Of course, there are many annual events held throughout the city that do not involve the Festival Site.

As an example, the Art Hop happens the first Friday of every month throughout the year and involves all the art galleries and businesses in the downtown area. Mixer on the Mall happens every Wednesday during the summer, while Sundays at the Stage takes place downtown, and at Bronson Park.

Other annual festivities held in Kalamazoo each year include the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade, the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival, the Maple Sugar Festival, the Living History Show, the Annual Gold Company Invitational Vocal Jazz Festival, the International Congress on Medieval Studies and the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International.

You can find almost any type of festival or event that you might want to attend in the city, both throughout the greater city and within the confines of the Arcadia Creek Festival Site. Of course, as the site is open daily for public use, you needn’t wait for a festival to make use of the location. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful area!


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