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Finding Out More about the Kalamazoo Community

For visitors and residents of Kalamazoo, learning more about the city and the various goings on here is vital. Where do you turn for information about the greater community? What is the best source of Kalamazoo news? Finding this information can give you great insights into what’s happening in town, from sports and community events to yard sales and more. Actually, the Kalamazoo Gazette is one of the best sources of information for both residents and visitors.

Finding the most accurate, up to date Kalamazoo news is not difficult for residents and visitors. The Kalamazoo Gazette has been offering up this information for almost two centuries. This Kalamazoo newspaper is more than 160 years old and is the oldest business in the city. It even ranks in the top 10 oldest businesses in the state of Michigan. As such, the Gazette has developed a reputation in the area for accuracy, as well as in-depth coverage of local events, functions and news.

In addition to news, the newspaper provides information for the larger community, as well as Kalamazoo Gazette classified ads. Their classifieds section is one of the single best places to find items for sale, new job listings, homes for sale and even find deals on foreclosures and more. In short, if you need something, check the classifieds section first! Anything you might wish for can be found here first, long before it hits other information sources or even the Internet.

However, the Gazette has not been content to rest on their laurels. Faced with the changes wrought by the Information Age, the newspaper was forced to make some changes. Rather than distancing themselves from electronic media, though, they recently undertook a massive $33 million revamp of their printing presses and headquarters, as well as starting their online affiliate, MLive.com. This effort has made the oldest business in the city as competitive as the youngest!

While the Kalamazoo Gazette is an excellent newspaper for finding out information about jobs, items for sale and other information, it truly excels at bringing the greater community closer together. With in-depth coverage of local sporting events, as well as news about local happenings, new community initiatives, new developments and more, the paper is able to keep residents and visitors informed like few other sources can. This paper has become one of the cornerstones of the Kalamazoo community.


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